Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
90% Spot Cash with 8% Discount
10% Retention
Option 2:
100% Payable over 12 months to 24 months
Option 3:
20% Downpayment payable over 12 months
80% Balance Payable through BankFinancing or In House Financing

All you need to do is to brace for a great upland living experience because when you are at The Leaf, the best of Nature’s daily treat is yet to unravel. With its low dense occupancy on a condotel set-up, suburban living atop the 350m above sea elevation is truly a one of a kind experience. Simplicity & serenity wrapped in a mysterious nature themed environment, this is a pure awesome goodness, nothing less. 

This is an open invitation to all young professionals and executives who wanted to enjoy a healthy independence from home this place right now is your best option. There is nothing refreshing than waking up to a beautiful & cool place with everything you need within reach. At the leaf, everything you see is like a complete breath of fresh air. 

Enjoying a modern life on a rural setting is too hard to find; in fact, it sounds so impossible. Not with The Leaf – the place where modern living is set on top of natures’ best. While young and able, we urge you to enjoy life to the fullest – healthily – at The Leaf! 

For your concerns and question on how to acquire a unit here, please hit the chat button below for a quicker assistance. You may also just leave us your contacts and one of our team will be contacting you on a time most convenient. We are here as a team willing to work for you and make sure that you reach your lifelong dream of owning a space you can actually call home. We assist 24/7 in 365 days, no holiday, no cut-off. Trust our professional expertise on making sure that your business interest is fully represented and protected. Hit that chat button now!

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